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About Us

"Magshimim" is an Israeli real estate management investment company specializing  in developing investments in the southern Israel real estate markets of  Beersheba, Dimona and Yeruham.

We have been in business for 7 years and have developed over 150 properties .

Our unique investment model allows any private  investor to purchase an flat in Southern Israel outright , including all title and registry rights and obligations ( for an initial investment of as little as 550,000 ₪ roughly £94,000.

Magshimim facilitiates this investment for you by managing the entire process from A to Z:

  • locate properties,
  • request title search,
  • coordinate purchase, and submission of required governmental filings and forms,
  • renovate the  flat including appliance upgrade and furnishings
  • rental management including  tenant issues and property repairs,
  • sale of flat including  finding buyers and coordination of closing requirements.

We are interested in discussing the possibility of entering into an exclusive relationship with you involving the sourcing of investors in the London metro area for our project.

Yevgeny Glickman Founder  and co-CEO of the Magshimim, founder and owner “Time for Real Estate” , a real estate development company and school

"Time for real estate" has extensive experience in real estate and investments in the Israeli market.

Meital Hadar  – Founder  and co-CEO of the Magshimim, founder and owner “marketing solutions” ,  a  leading advertising company Marketing Solutions, accompanied by a real estate business and investments.

Elad Bienenfeld company COO, founder and owner of time for real estate"

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